A Dry Riser (Dry Rising Main) is a system of pipes and valves installed within a building designed to deliver large quantities of water to the upper floors for fire fighting purposes.

The Fire Service pump water into the pipe through an inlet usually at ground floor level and take the water out on upper floors through a landing valve and into fire fighting hoses to tackle a fire.
It is a vital piece of equipment which may be prone to damage or vandalism.
Dry Riser Testing
To ensure that the dry riser is maintained, tested and always available for immediate use, the person responsible for the building must ensure that it receives a six monthly visual inspection and an annual pressure test as required by British Standard BS9990:2006.
Six Monthly Inspection
Inlets, landing valves, drain valves, door hinges and locks are inspected to ensure that they are in position and operate correctly. Washers, valves and glands should also be inspected to ensure that they are in good condition.
Annual Pressure Test  
Water is pumped into the riser and pressurised to 10bar (150 PSI) for fifteen minutes. During this time the pipework, inlets and outlets are checked for leaks and any missing or defective items are replaced.
Once the test is completed the system is drained and all valves set to the closed position ready for use.
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